Staff commitment

We believe that Hesley Group staff provide a unique resource of people, who frequently go the extra mile to do their very best for the people they support. This is evidenced by, for example, not only the range of activities undertaken but also the enthusiasm with which this is done. From supporting people living in services to really enjoy seasonal activities, to making sure that activities genuinely reflect people’s choices, we are proud of how staff strive to bring happiness and fulfilment to the lives of those they support - and how they seek to maintain and build on this in thoughtful and creative ways.

Staff continue to achieve 10- and 20-year-long service awards as one sign of staff commitment. Positive comments via CQC, Ofsted and Investors in People have also identified this longstanding commitment from staff.

 These positive comments, and those from relatives, help to illustrate this commitment:

“Seeing Fiona very relaxed and the care and dedication from the staff overwhelmed me”

“Just a quick e-mail to thank you and all the staff at Wilsic for the great work you have done with Greg over the last five and a half years. When Greg came to Wilsic he was a very difficult 13 year old to manage with times when he was really unhappy. Now he is a much calmer 18 year old and is nearly always happy and cheerful. When Greg first came to Wilsic we were worried and scared about what would happen to him. We had explored every other option and there was nowhere else to go. For Greg, Wilsic was his last chance to be happy.I am so very pleased to say that because of the people who work at Wilsic Greg has been happy and settled and his time has been better than we ever dared to hope for. Thank you again, we won’t forget everything you have done.”

“Hi, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was when the postman delivered John’s “Headteacher’s Award” postcard this morning – what a lovely touch!”

 Comments from staff paint a similar picture:

“Other support workers have been absolutely brilliant”

“There’s always someone there if you need help”

“I've worked for the Hesley Group since 2001, immediately I was impressed with the group and surroundings and knew straight away that it was something I wanted to be part of. I knew very little or what to expect and having come from a background of child care I quickly learnt that no day is the same and the Hesley Group have encouraged and given me opportunities both locally and from outside agencies, ranging from day course, ongoing training, I am even now a trainer myself in the HELP programme and other topics.

Having worked my way through from being a support worker to manager of supported living and seen numerous changes over the years, the goal has remained the same, and that is to work as a team to provide an outstanding, quality service to our service users by giving them the opportunities to develop, learn and for each one to gain their own individual full potential.”

“I will come in so he can go”  (It's not uncommon from staff, coming in to work in their own time – often at short notice - to take people out on trips.)

We recognise that we do not always get things right. We try hard to avoid complacency and we will remain committed to supporting staff to fulfil their potential, so that they can support those who live in our services to fulfil theirs.

You can also see the staff commitment through watching our recruitment videos. Staff talk about why they do the job they do and why they love to make a difference.