Our corporate plan

1 Introduction

1.1 Hesley Group's Corporate Plan is a clear identification of our broad aims and objectives within the framework of our Hesley Enhancing Lives Programme (HELP) model of support. We are committed to demonstrating the HELP model of support in all of our relationships in a way that is ethical, consistent and that fits with this agreed model of support and our day to day practice. Central to that model are the values below.

2 Corporate Values

2.1 Hesley Group wishes to achieve both its service and business aims.

2.2 The 'service' aim is contained within the Group's Corporate Values.

Person Centred
We treat every person that uses our service as an individual. We deliver culturally, strength based services that respect the unique worth of each individual. Person centred planning, and therapeutic support are the tools we use to ensure that our services keep the people we support at the centre of everything we do.

Outcome Focused
As an outcome focused service we aim to achieve the aspirations, goals and priorities identified by the people who use our services. We believe that an outcomes focus also ensures the best use of resources through agreed individual support plans. Putting the individual at the heart of what we do produces the very best outcomes and in turn provides mechanisms for benchmarking evidencing and reviewing our practice.

Quality Driven
We believe in quality driven practice and hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our service. We believe that key indicators of quality are evidenced by individual levels of satisfaction and involvement and the increased capacity of an individual to achieve their goals.

Providing Safe and Effective Services
We believe everything we do must be in the interests of providing safe, effective and responsive services and to prevent harm or abuse. We take thorough steps to ensure that should harm, risk or suspicion of harm occur, that all our staff are equipped and supported to report and manage this.

2.3 The business aim of the Group (whilst maintaining compatibility with 2.2 above) is to generate reasonable and  sustainable profitability so as to enable the continued development and maintenance of resources, facilities and standard of service as well as to build reserves to retain financial stability.

3 Operational Objectives

3.1 To assist, guide and support Heads/General managers in meeting the objectives contained in this Plan, as  appropriate, and in achieving a sustained high quality of performance.

3.2 To provide, within a safe environment, education, care, vocational learning and development (as appropriate), and therapeutic support services and life skills and experiences appropriate to the needs of those placed with us, with the aim of supporting them to maximise their potential.

3.3 To monitor the assessment of the above against the relevant National and Group Standards and the requirements of all relevant external agencies, in particular the DfES, OFSTED and CQC.

3.4 To ensure that all such standards and requirements (see 3.2) are met and, wherever possible, exceeded and that improvements are made each year in line with relevant action plans, development plans and annual targets set.

3.5 To ensure that the service provided at each establishment is evaluated by reference to the progress of each person placed with us, in relation to their current individual programme and their functioning on admission.

3.6 To identify changes to, or extensions of, the service(s) already provided, which are required to meet any individual's or group's changed (or anticipated changed) needs.

3.7 To strive for the maintenance of optimum occupancy of students/residents at all times in each establishment.

3.8 To work with Human Resources Department to ensure that the number, type and competence of staff employed (including external staff) are commensurate with meeting these aims.

3.9 To work with the Finance, Facilities and IT Departments to ensure that the financial and physical resources available are commensurate with meeting these aims.

3.10 To provide the services at 3.1 in as cost-effective and efficient manner as possible so as to achieve or better financial targets set from time to time, and to provide placing authorities with a service that is good value for money.

4 Human Resources Objectives

4.1 To ensure the recruitment of the number, type and competence of staff required to enable the Group to provide its services to its residents in accordance with the aims of the Operations Department.

4.2 To manage personnel information in a computerised form which provides ease of input, access to, interrogation and reporting of data to provide consistent and accurate record keeping and to assist in planning and decision making.

4.3 To establish, within the constraints imposed by income, levels of pay and other benefits which enable the Group to compete effectively in the market place for the calibre of staff to provide and improve the service and which properly reward staff for their efforts and to provide learning and development opportunities appropriate to staff progression.

4.4 To continue to develop and maintain a positive working environment which will maximise staff retention.

To maintain and develop the Group's occupational health provision to assist recruitment decisions and maximise staff well-being and attendance.

4.6 To develop a policy to minimise the adverse effects of stress in the workplace.

4.7 To ensure the necessary structures and expertise in each Group establishment so that all members of staff are supported, assessed and developed by regular supervision and appraisal, to enable them to work to all relevant national standards confirmed by the achievement of nationally recognised qualifications supported by the Workforce  Development Department.

4.8 To provide or ensure the learning and development opportunities necessary to enable all staff to achieve 4.7 above and, more generally, to enable staff to fulfill the aims and objectives of the Operations Department.

4.9 To maximise the value and effectiveness of all staff by encouraging full attendance at work and providing the necessary policies, systems and expertise to monitor staff attendance and to deal effectively with all instances where it falls below the required standard.

4.10 To continue to develop and maintain effective means of communication and consultation with all staff.

4.11 To publish, review and publicise Group Policies to ensure that all staff are aware of all the rules and procedures which govern the Group's operations and under which they are required and expected to work.

4.12 To ensure that the Group complies with all its legal obligations and that all its legal rights are safeguarded.

4.13 To work with the Operations teams to ensure that the aims of the HR Department support and complement the aims of the Operations Department.

4.14 To work with the Finance and Facilities and IT Departments to ensure that the aims and activities of the HR Department do not, in any aspect, exceed that which is affordable.

5 Financial and Facilities Objectives

5.1 To design, implement and maintain financial systems which effectively plan, measure and control the financial performance of the Group with a view to optimising profitability and cash flow.

5.2 To set budgets on an annual and longer term basis which maximise profitability and cash flow and reflect the resource needs of the Operations and HR Departments.

5.3 To reduce the level of the Group's borrowing from the bank and other sources year on year and improve the levels of gearing, interest cover and net worth of the Group.

5.4 To establish consistent methods to setting fees and to ensure appropriate to the service provided.

5.5 To operate payroll procedures which pay the correct salary, net of deductions, to all Group employees on a monthly basis.

5.6 To extend stakeholder pensions and the range of other employees' financial benefits to the majority of Group staff.

5.7 To provide the environment in which the Operations teams delivers experience services to residents in our care, through:

- the purchase, development and maintenance of property and equipment of appropriate specification

- the provision of catering, cleaning grounds and property maintenance services

6 Marketing and PR Department Objectives

To publicise and promote the Group's services with placing authorities, potential placing authorities and families of those people who would benefit from the services provided by the Group.

Updated 5 May 2015