Next Steps Guide to Transition

We know how difficult transition can be for all that are involved in the process, particularly the person themselves and their family and carers. That's why we developed the second of our little books, 'Next Steps - A Guide to Transition Planning' which is conveniently sized to allow you to take it along to meetings and has checklists and a notebook section to hopefully make it a useful reference tool for you.Next Steps image

'Next Steps' will hopefully give you an idea of what the process is all about but we feel that the hard copy version of the book is what you will want to have with you so please feel free to give us a call on 0800 055 6789 or complete our enquiry form to request a copy be put in the post for you.

You may think this guide would be useful for your local support group to have available, we'd be more than happy to send them some copies so please do pass on our contact details to them.

Anything you think of that would make the 'Next Steps' guide more informative, get in touch we'd love to work with you and build on this.